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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  September 29, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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plead not guilty to assault. the nfl said the incident is under review and it's not clear if or when smith will face discipline by the league. >> today we speak with an alameda county supervisor about road closures. >> we speak to a firefighter and police officer joining forces against prostate cancer. >> plus, fall traditions becoming part of a popular sandwich. >> welcome to the nine, we are getting into the groove. it's friday, we have hot weather inland, it's been unbearable but there was a breeze last night. a welcome change. i see the clouds over san francisco. the weather is getting better everyone. >> thank you for joining us. >> what do you call it when the
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cars have precipitation on the windows, they had that this morning. >> it was a cool, clear night. we are getting back to normal. >> alex with us, lets talk about the weather. >> all right. you know, when people ask me the weather, i just tell them. steve, help me out? >> is that dew you were talking about on the cars? >> yes. >> we have a cooler pattern, the clouds are back, the north east breeze has turned westerly, that equals a cooler pattern for everyone. the trend is to bring the temperatures down, a lot of cloud cover rolls in, a partly cloudy to mostly sunny day, this is west and southwest, you can see there is very little
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wind. 21 in travis, we have a pretty good cool down, then another system comes in monday and tuesday, that cranks up the breeze in the north west. we are saying good by to september, which has been very warm. we have a cooler windy start to october. today, 60s through 80s, we may only get to the 70s next week, things are changing for the fall. an investigation is underway now in the death of a man who died in oakland police custody. christian reported that the incident began with a car crash and a transit bus. >> reporter: the police said they should have more information for us later. we do not have a lot of details but so far we know that the oakland police took someone into custody.
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a taser was used and the person in custody later died. >> we need medical treatment. >> reporter: that's radio kraf in oakland at the time of the arrest, officers did use a taser and almost immediately called for medical assistance, ktvu fox news was in the vicinity as the incident was unfolding, it happened near 41st avenue and foothills boulevard. at that time there was a report of a vehicle accident, someone from the accident tried to board a bus from the area but was not able to get on and was instead taken into custody by oakland police, at this point the police are not confirming if the person is the same person that died in custody. the police have requested video
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from the bus, the investigation is under way and alameda is running a parallel investigation, the coroner's office is trying to determine the cause of death. we are trying to get more information from the oakland police department later today. to the north bay now where police are on the campus of redwood high school after reports that a shooting would take place at the school today. it comes 10 days after a bomb threat war students were evacuated. the threat was found written on a bathroom wall. school will be in session later today. in a statement, the principal addressed the extra security saying administrators and extra personnel will be on campus to insure the safety of all
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students and staff. if law enforcement tells us to cancel class, you will receive immediate negatives, we are sending christian to the high school and he will bring us a live report later. police have made an arrest in a hut and run that injured a three year old boy, it's a 19 year old woman what police said took the car from the repair shop where she worked. >> reporter: his parents are keeping his name private but shared this photo of their three-year-old son recovering from injuries, a security camera captured the car that hit him. police pulled the smart car over thursday morning. >> the driver did not have a clue as to what occurred. >> the driver said the vehicle had been in his auto for maint he had no idea that it was
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involved in a hit and run, police said a young woman was behind the wheel. an employee at friends auto repair. >> she's a receptionist and somehow she was able to obtain the keys and drove the customer's car. >> the distance between the shop and the accident was half a mile but police are not sure how long the employee had the car out or how far she drove. she seemed aware she hit the boy. >> the vehicle stopped and then continued. >> had the driver stayed, police said she would have been blameless since the child darted away from his mother but leaving the scene is a crime. >> it's tragic when anyone gets hit by a vehicle. most of the time it's an accident, i wish people would remember that and remain on the
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scene. police suspect that the receptionist panicked because she was not supposed to be in the car but they have not been able to interview her. >> she's not cooperative. >> the teen aimer is expected to be charged with felony hit and run, the owner of the car, a richmond man is said to be in shock from this, he did not notice any damage to the car when he picked it up. now it's impartly cloudied. this morning -- impounded. this morning we look at two big rock slides that happened in yosemite park. a huge slab of granite fell wednesday killing a climber, the second slide yesterday was 10 times larger than the first one. in yesterday as slide, a man got a frurred skull, witnesses
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said they heard a loud explosion and dust filled the air, many said it was similar to the smoke you would see with a wild fire. wednesday, a sheet of granite fell killing a british tourist and injuring his wife. the man and his wife were standing at the base of the cliff preparing to climb up when the rock came down, his wife was seriously injured and remains hospitalized. a total of seven rock falls were reported in a four hour period wednesday alone. the park is going to remain open to visitors but it's not clear if safety measures are being taken to protect climbers. the united states has issued a travel warning telling americans not to visit cuba
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after specific attacks on diplomats, some of the attacks happened in cuban hotels. more than half of united states personnel have been told to leave the island. the embassy in havana will lose 60% of their united states staff. health and human services secretary tom price says he will repay the government for his charter flights. he spent $400,000 of taxpayer money to take the jets, even for short hops, he will pay $52,000 to cover the cease on the planes, he also said he will no longer use the planes, also scott pruitt and treasury secretary steve mnuchin are under scrutiny for their travel. coming up, this coffee shop
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may have to shut down, the fight involving the store's landlord and a new neighbor. >> plus, why the los angeles kings are giving fans a chance to suit up and earn a spot on the ice but there are certain conditions here, we explain coming up >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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. the dow has recovered from earlier losses, the nasdaq is making gains. the owner of a cafe in richmond said he is -- is going to lose business after the landlord put in a starbucks next door. we spoke with the owner and the
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landlord. >> reporter: joe has bun serving coffee since 2011 but he is in danger of losing his business. >> i was shocked, totally shocked beyond belief that they would do something like this behind my back. >> reporter: the landlord has signed a deal with starbucks to build a cafe next door which bans any other business from serving coffee, the coffee shop has been on a month to month lease, the landlord said he worked hard to bring in starbucks. >> it does not apply to any tenant in the shopping center who signed a lease after 2015. >> some residents support the later hours and amenities a starbucks would bring. >> it's a great atmosphere and it allow a service that we
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normally would not have. >> reporter: now the owner of the shop has filed a lawsuit. as a tenant, he said he lost business due to a construction project near nearby, he also said he cannot sell his cafe because nobody would buy it with a starbucks next door. >> i put my daughter through school at uc davis action now i have a son going to asu and i have to provide for him as well. >> reporter: some customers said they are upset and have started a petition. >> we are going to lose someone who is a good member of the business community. i do not think that is right. >> reporter: people say while they do not mind having a starbucks, there should not be a ban on competition.
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>> they come into these shopping centers and drive out the local businesses. >> it's so unfair, i mean, i just could not stand it. >> starbucks has it's own customers and the local store las it's own customers. -- has it's own customers. just in time for warriors season. >> i am ready. >> the warriors are selling their new high-tech jersey, the uniforms are being made by nike, these jerseys use nike connect technology, there is a communication chip embedded. it can show players arriving at the arena and show the faith play lists of top players. >> the technology is cool and i
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like the dry fit. not against adidas but i like the technology on the nike, it's more sleek. >> the idea is to further add to the fan experience, the jersey is available at warriors stores around the bay area and online starting today. but if you are buying the jerseys, you may want to pick a larger size because they are slim fit. just go to the store and try it on. so the kings held a try out for goal ies -- coalies, they are look -- goalies, they are looking to fill the spot, men and women are welcome. >> out here i am just a goalie
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like anybody else. >> what would it mean to get out on the ice. >> being the back up's back up, it's like a dream come true. >> to qualify, each player needed to have competed in amateur hockey but not signed a professional contract yet. >> check out this epic selfie taken by fill -- phil mickelson with former presidents obama, bush and clinton. the event brings together the best golfers in the world for friendly competition. his brother posted this picture with the caption, when you can take a selfie with three united states presidents, you do it.
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>> i bettest excited. >> yes. >> coming up, tomorrow the canyon is going to be shut down for hours, up next we talk about the cosponsor of the event >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. tomorrow a section ever highway 84 known as niles canyon road will be shut, only cyclists will be allowed on the road. then at 8:00 a.m., hikers will be able to walk the road. the stroll and roll event was first held in 2015. we have one of the cosponsors of the event, alameda county
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supervisor. >> i remember when they closed jfk airport in new york. it's cool to be on the road when you own it as a sicklist or walker. >> we want to bring awareness to the fact that we want to build a trawl through here, we are doing our due diligence, trying to assemble money to get the trail built. we want to understand the beauty of the niles canyon, when we close the road we see families walking through, last time we had 10,000 people. it's not just people riding bikes or walking through, we actually had artists coming through and setting up easels and doing water colors, it's a great event where people can, for a few hours, enjoy the beauty of the canyon.
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>> is beautiful but it can also be deadly, earlier this year a bicyclist was killed on the canyon, the road averages one fatality a year, why is it so dangerous? >> that's one of the reasons we want to build the trail through the canyon, because there is very narrow parts. it's a narrow section, there is no place for the bikes to go, they have to be on the road ibt facing with the cars, it's -- interfacing with the cars, it's a dangerous place for cyclists to go but it's a place that they want to be. we want to build a class one trail where people can hike and walk. the estimates on the trail are $75 million to $100 million. >> why so expensive. >> it's a 6.4-mile trail and we
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have to build a bridge. it's going to be a first class trail. it costs a lot of money. >> this has become a busy corridor, getting from that area into fremont. have you heard that it's more challenging for people to access the open spaces in that area on foot or bike? >> it's a busy roadway, one of my frustrations is gravel trucks like to cut through there. there is a lot of bad behavior, people think that they drive faster through there. we would like to see people slowing down and driving through at a deept rate of speed. i would like to remove the trucks from the roadway, it's not built for that. it's an old road. we want to get the trail built and move forward. >> how far along are you on
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getting the trail built. just talking about it or how far along in the process. we. >> we still have to do the environmental quality work. we would hope to be under construction by 2021. >> if i have to drive saturday from my job in pleasanton to my job in fremont, have you heard people complaining about the closure. >> not yet. we will hear on saturday. people will not be allowed into the canyon so they have to go into mission boulevard. >> have you seen more and more people coming out? how many people are you expecting? >> we had 20,000 people in 2015, it's a great community event. one of the things that we are
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doing this year, from 11:00 to 11:30, i will be in a booth where we are going to be doing a quiet zone. we have the h train and other train running through there. we decided to let people know that they are doing this. that's to the quality of life. >> what is a quiet zone. >> instead of the trains going through at 4:00 in the morning blowing their horns, they will not do that. the gates will come down at the crossing signals, they are like crossings on steroids, there will not be a necessary need for the sound unless someone sees them on the tracks. >> it's federal law to blow the
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horns. >> there will be new gates that say they do not have to blow their horns unless they see people on the tracks, we are going to build those too. is a dual event, a lot going on. it's a fun family event. >> thank you for joining us supervisor. >> good to be here. coming up, a dramatic story we brought you live during the noon news cast. police take a man into custody who led them on a chase that went through a number of cities, more in a second. >> a firefighter and police officer team up to fight prostate cancer, how they are using humor to spread awareness
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welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. in response to president
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donald trump's criticism of the nfl, rogers took part in a ceremony, he linked arms with his fellow players during the national anthem. the team asked the fans to link arms in a show of unity. >> civil rights activists doctor harry edwards was honored last night. he is the founder of the olympic project for human rights, where athletes raised their fists. he said that today's athletes are fighting the same struggle that he did in the neap 60s. >> for the president of the united states to come out and
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to attack stef curry, to attack colin kaepernick, to attack le bron james, to suker punch the golden state warriors and dus invite them to the white house, he is losing the battle for hearts and minds. >> edwards was honored with the eupty award. he said that the only way to know how authentic the protests are is to see if there is a move from protests to progress. >> we have been asking you about taking a knee, our question of the day is, what would you do if you were on the field. >> 39 said you could stand with your hand on your heart. fort 9% -- 49% would take a
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knee. jennifer says take a knee, nobody has a right to tell any american citizen when or how to enact their first amendment rights. >> one person said i do not support these protests. >> getting a lot of tweets on this, as i expected. a couple of tweets said things like, how pathetic are we that this is the question of the day, questioning the fact that people are questioning something that they have done for most of their life. >> i have a twitter answer saying, since this is about racism, we should be on a knee. >> we check your responses all day, tweet us. for more on the other headlines, lets go to dave clark. >> here are some of the top
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stories we are following. a deadly shooting, possibly a home invasion last night in san jose is under investigation this morning. it happened in an apartment collection on elan village lane, police found a man who was shot and he later died at the hospital. there are no suspects in the case. today in san francisco governor brown will sign legislation to create more affordable housing this california. the governor will sign more than a dozen bills, he will be eudz of an affordable housing complex, the bills include money to build more affordable housing. >> the trump administration has appointed a three star general to lead the hurricane relief efforts in puerto rico. he will lead the military
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response including thousands of troops to deliver aid across the island. right now there are 10,000 shipping containers filled with supplies, they are sitting in puerto rico but there is no trucks to take them to where they are needed. >> back to you guys. we want to revisit a story we brought you at the beginning of the show. we are learning that the threat that was in a bathroom at a local school was determined to be a hoax. so the marin police were at the scene of redwood high school because a threat was made that there would be a shooting on the campus of the school. that threat of a shooting is in fact a hoax, school administrators made a point of saying that school is not
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canceled for the day, please come to the school. christian is at the scene. we have learned that the threat of a shooting on campus has been deemed a hoax, school officials promise to be in contact with parents and the school community if anything pops up. a small sense of relief. now to what is happening in berkeley, the school is investigating a social media account that featured nazi symbols, the account has been shut down, students say that the posts were derogatory and homophobic. one student said he knew the person that started the account. >> i think that he was just joking, a lot of people post edgy memes to be funny. >> the things they were talking about were not jokes.
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>> my initial reaction was, are they aware of the harm that is done by this behavior. >> do you think that they are? >> no i do not think that they understand. >> in an e-mail to parents , the superintendent said i am meeting with student leaders to create a series of conversations and actions that lead to real change, district leaders would not confirm if any students were suspended or disciplined. we have information on a car in the east bay, sky fox flew overhead during the chase and arrest, before noon yesterday, the police investigating a possible stolen vehicle in walnut creek, the suspect saw the officers and took off. the pursuit went through cities
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like san rafael and san ramon. the driver, a 26 year old man said the suspect yelled go, the driver pulled over and allowed the police to catch up. >> he was coming at me, like he was trying to fight me. >> what did he tell you? >> just to keep going, he wanted me to run with him. >> i watched it as it wept on. officers surrounded both men but arrested only the suspect when they realized that nathan was not an accomplice. september is prostate awareness month. wednesday we talk to a bay area doctor about the rise in prostate cancer in younger man. we have the story of a bay area firefighter and police officer teaming up to raise awareness
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with humor and kilts. >> it's impossible to not notice these guys when they come strolling down the streets. >> she wonders what we are doing. >> she caught you looking. >> he is not wearing any pants right now. >> reporter: it's a lot of confused looks and a few honks of appreciation. >> yes. he was honking at me, not you. >> reporter: make no mistake, they love the attention because there is a reason why they put on kilts everyday in september. >> i am one of the cofounders of kilts that kill cancer, i love a kilt. i discovered them seven years ago. >> i am justin, a bay area firefighter and paramedic. i have been in the fire service for 23 years and i too love a kilt. >> reporter: they have been friends for several years and
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it's easy to see why they get along. >> he is a cop, i am a firefighter. people say we do not get along but we do. >> they pay me to ride a motorcycle. >> reporter: beneath the humor is a desire to help. one day these to friends had an idea. >> we were just standing there swaying in the breeze as one does when you are wearing a kilt, that was where the charity started. >> reporter: that's how it was born. >> when we walk this wearing a kilt, people ask questions, then we use that conversation to have a conversation about prostate cancer. >> we want people to realize their risk factors and to talk to their families and male
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relatives about their history. >> it's a commitment to wear a kilt everyone place but on the job. >> i go to and from work in a kilt. i will go to a tap room in a kilt. i show up in the morning in a kilt. >> reporter: but there is something about a guy in a bar in a cult or someone who mows their lawn in a kilt that gets people talking. >> sometimes people say it's a gimmick, i say exact -- exactly and we are talking. >> reporter: they formed their own nonprofit. >> we got over 100 kilted members. >> to date they have raised $50,000 and the money goes directly to researchers stovment two knuckle heads in kiltses were able to put a
9:40 am
check for $13,000 into the hands -- kilts were able to put a check for $13,000 into the hands of a charity. >> one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and one in 39 will be killed by it. >> reporter: it catches people offguard but it's a serious message always delivered with humor. >> we did not cofound skirted to kick cancer, if you wear something under it, it's a skirt. we are wearing kilts. >> kilts aamazing. >> while there are challenges to wearing one. >> swinging the leg over the
9:41 am
bike. >> reporter: their love of kilts, that's genuine. >> we need music. >> it did not take music, just a little convincing, to get my foifer to sign up. they let thim borrow a starter kilt and he wore it while he shot the video for this story, truth be told, he did not want to give it back. >> do you like it? yes. >> reporter: it seems the kilted army may have gained another soldier. >> they look comfortable. >> he is ray good sport to put on the kilt. >> feel the breeze. >> this saturday, they are celebrating the end of their fundraising campaign. the cancer survivors will be
9:42 am
inviolated to sign a banner. >> you can enter right now to win a chance to the great america's theme park in santa clara. if you want to enter go to the ktvu fox news contest page. we are accepting entries until mimust be 18 years old to enter. the prize has a retail value of to hundred $76, we will select one winner at random. a drawing will happen on october 2. you can seul the rules at our website, under the contest section sphment coming -- section. coming up, we have the grilled cheese guy in the house, coming up, the fall
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favorite holidays of halloween and thanksgiving that he is putting into his sandwiches, we will explain >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. since 2009, the grilled cheese guy has been serving up sandwiches at pop ups all over the bay area, this morning he is here making sandwiches that incorporate some of our favorite fall traditions. >> reporter: we are welcoming michael davidson to the studio, grilled cheese takes us back to
9:46 am
our childhood. what is the first grilled cheese experience you had. >> my grandmother, she kept it simple. >> white bread and yellow american cheese, plaib a bit of cheddar and mozzarella. it was a classic. >> you have improved on it this a number of ways, we are heading into fall. this has a lot of flavors of fall in it. >> we have a gooey gobbler, if you have left over turkey and cranberry, then we added gouda then this is our pumpkin grilled cheese. gouda in it then bacon. >> there nothing wrong with bacon. i am sold on those, those i would order from you, i have
9:47 am
never heard of this next sandwich. you are incorporating the stuff from kids halloween bags. >> yes, this is golden wheat. it holds up well. >> the big question, when i am at home, i would butter the bread, you are telling me to butter the griddle. how much butter? >> always more. you are doing good. put it down, i have the butter here. >> reporter: waiment. >> you are going -- >> reporter: wait a minute. >> you are going to put it here. this is the cheese, we also like grilled peanut butter and jelly, lets do this one, brie and jam. all right. i am on board. >> reporter: this is what i
9:48 am
question. because to me, the jam is sweet enough. could we put ham. >> okay. >> i want it to be less canny. >> reporter: lets do it. do you need more butter or no. >> never enough butter. >> reporter: tell me why he butter the griddle and not the bread. >> here's why, here you are getting every nook and cranny. i like to press my sandwiches, it's softer. i am a person that mashes it. i put the pressure on. >> reporter: okay. >> you want to go gentle. >> reporter: this is going to take a minute before it grills up hot enough.
9:49 am
>> two minutes on each side,. >> reporter: okay. >> then you are going to have a nice golden brown. >> what do you attribute to the rise of the sandwiches. >> every year there is a national grilled cheese contest in los angeles, we won nine times, we are nationally winning grilled cheese. >> you have tried a lot of things that work. >> reporter: tell me about what did not work. >> a lot of times we were overloading them. sticking too much in. they fall aprart and they are too big, now we keep it simple. >> i see. >> reporter: they are fun. >> okay. >> reporter: i will put it in the butter, i like it brown. >> get a light press, you got
9:50 am
excitedded the last night -- excited the last time. >> it's better than the plastic spat eu la. >> -- spatula. let me give it a bite. >> there you are. pick your favorite. >> where is the candies side. i like these. to you, michael. >> all right. you know what, is a little severity than i like but i get it. i totally get it, delicious, i will bring the rest back downstairs for the guys, congratulations to you and all of your success. we will be back in a second. very good. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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at stanford health care, we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes
9:53 am
to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. . the venecia high school football team is enjoying a great season and unveiling a stadium along the way but this team has something no other team in the country has. >> reporter: check out the football game, you will not
9:54 am
just see double, you will see quadruple. meet the lane brothers. i think that the biggest confusion is them realizing that they are all brothers and that they are twins. >> that confusion extends to their team maitsz. it's two ses of twins. >> and their coaches. >> the to owners, i call them twin one and twin two. >> at the spur of the moment, you are saying something quick and you cannot remember which name that they are, the funny thing is that it's easy they cover seven positions of. of course there is ails an trag dynamic when significant links play sports together. how does it work when they are all on the field at the same time. >> they feed off each other,
9:55 am
they know where each other is on the field. they work well can each other. >> when i do something bad, or do not know what to do, they are like, we have to do this. >> we are role models and they look up to us. we hope to become better players than we are today. >> that support system is priceless but with it comes the sibling rieferly, it's not so much brother versus brother but twins against twins. >> it's always a competition with us. >> they will get feedback, i always tell the boys, feedback is a gift, take it and learn and try to improve. they respect their older brothers. >> if one of them messes up. i talk to the other one and say, can you talk to your brother. if one gets hurt, i ask the other if he felt it. >> it's fun for the whole
9:56 am
family. they are relishing this most unique opportunity for all involved. >> being together for our last year is great. we finally get to play with them. >> i have been playing with my brothers since we were little, to get to play on the field with them is great. >> they have been playing since they were little boys, for this to be their last year together before the older twins go off to college is emotional. >> speaking of football. the raiders have a big game this weekend in denver and the 40y niners are playing the cardinals. you can watch that came on our station. >> check out these fall inspired grilled cheese
9:57 am
sandwiches, this one has bacon in it, they are good. >> gentlemen, enjoy. >> i can tell you that put the butter on the pan, not the bread. >> i am a huge cook and i learned something today. >> it's a great day, get out and especially joy the cooler weather. we will be back at noon with all of your days news, thank you for joining us for joining us
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